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I think every women should treat themselves to something at this brand. I've been to the AP in Las Vegas and Paris and The SF location is by far my favorite:) Sign up for their sales and get notified when their instore sales are. I also recommend getting fitted because their size are very different than US sizes.

Brooke was a wonderful, kick ass assistant who helped my girlfriend as she ventured into the world of fancy under garments. We are buying confidence boosters. Thanks to Brooke for helping us and giving us a memorable shopping experience.

We parked at the Union Square under ground parking lot. Btw there's a bar next to AP the Hawthorn if you need some liquid courage.

 NO ONE looks bad in soft, rose colored lighting.

Bless you Agent Provocateur for making me feel like a lingerie model in that room and not some D-list VS Angel reject.

Save your pennies, this lingerie is worth it.


The female form is treated as individual works of art here and the lingerie fitting expertise is perfection. Buy your ludicrously beautiful and fanciful undergarment what-nots here and skip cheap mass market noise like Vicky's and Freddy's at the mall. I might as well give Dark Garden a retainer--I paid a pretty penny, waited a month, fell in love with what I ordered, and am now plotting my next purchase.